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2018 Derm Dues Donors

2018 Benefactor

Khanh Nguyen, M.D.

2018 Sustaining Members

Jerry Dickson, M.D.

2018 Supporting Members

C. Enrique Batres, MD
Madeleine Duvic, M.D.
Aaron K. Joseph, M.D.

2017 Knox Donors

Jennie A. O. Duffy, M.D.
Anh Van Nguyen, M.D., P.A.
Ramon Sanchez, M.D.
Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, M.D.
Jaime A. Tschen, M.D.
Leonard H. Goldberg, M.D.
Annette O. Harris, M.D.

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Members of the American Academy of Dermotology elected Dr. Adelaide Hebert, professor in the Department of Dermatology and director of pediatric dermatology, to its Board of Directors for the 2018 Academy election. Newly elected officers took office at the conclusion of the organization's annual meeting March 5 in Washington DC

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For the next HDS Meeting:

August 6, 2018

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